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Impressive: Lindner Brasausky – 2,500 t converter platform SylWin alpha

Wind farms in the open sea are becoming increasingly important in times of ecological energy sources and are a symbol for the turnaround in energy policy. One of the global players that is very much concerned with the building of modern wind farms is the company Nordic Yards. The company is market leader in the HVDC converter platform segment and commissioned the scaffolding specialists Lindner Brasausky for the scaffolding work for the assembly of the new offshore platform SylWin alpha. Lindner Brasausky is a guarantee for cutting-edge scaffolding solutions and has acquired many years of experience in the scaffolding of offshore projects.

The new offshore platform will become part of the wind farm that is some 70 kilometres west of Sylt. The power generated there is to be transformed by means of this so-called converter platform and then transmitted to the mainland. The transformer station has immense dimensions. With an overall height of about 80 metres, of which 40 metres are above water, a width of 56 metres and a length of 82 metres, it is the largest ever platform of its type. For Lindner Brasausky this project is their largest ever individual commission and it likewise represents their greatest challenge since foundation of the company.

To scaffold the different sections of the platform in the shipyards in Wismar and Warnemünde, Lindner Brasausky applied the modular scaffolding RINGSCAFF by scafom-rux. Approx. 2,500 tonnes of the modern modular scaffolding were used, mainly steel decks for tube hook-up. All the scaffolding material was coated by scafom-rux in Hagen in the marking colours of the company Lindner Brasausky. During the six-month construction phase, a remarkable 450,000 m³ of birdcage scaffolding was moved. Up to 10,000 scaffolding solutions had to be found by as many as 100 scaffolders within a one-month period. The extremely high safety standards that have to be upheld are of particular significance in this context.

The platform consisted of various sections that had to be transported on so-called pontoons to their final assembly point. The high demands and expectations with regard to qualified personnel, capacities and competence in handling the whole thing were fully met by Lindner Brasausky. Thanks to the great commitment of every employee, the result at the end of the project was absolutely satisfying and rewarded with follow-up orders from Nordic Yards. Nordic Yards has already received an order for another converter platform, DolWin gamma. The dimensions here already exceed the stunning data for the SylWin alpha platform. With dimensions comparable to those of an 11-storey block in terms of height, a width of 55 metres, a length exceeding that of an A380 and a weight about 85 times greater than that of an Airbus, it is a project that will be the largest ever individual shipyard order.

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