Material storage on the second floor

Building and renovation projects in inner city locations have both advantages as well as disadvantages: on the one hand there is a very good promotional effect since many passers-by take notice, on the other hand access to the site is often so restricted that entire work processes have to be redesigned and completely modified from a logistics point of view.

The company Kamber Gerüste GmbH from Olten in Switzerland won the contract for such a project in the inner city district of Zurich. Problem: there was no space available for material storage for the upcoming renovation work to be carried out by the relevant trades. The storage area on the street only comprised a 1 m narrow strip with a length of 42 m. Kamber quickly decided on a somewhat unusual solution: to climb on to the roof of an active restaurant within the premises. The caterer’s own conservatory area – 6 m wide and 39 m long – was bridged with a material platform, which could also bear the weight of a façade scaffolding rising above it. The particular challenge: the load-bearing capacity of the platform would need to be 400 kg/m² when fully loaded. The scaffolding professionals decided on a combined solution comprising 18 tonnes of modular scaffolding and 12 tonnes of steel ledgers with double U-shaped profiles, so-called SRU girders. They were routed through the façade and then securely anchored there in the most confined of spaces. The platform area was ultimately constructed with the help of 14 tonnes of wood.

The modular scaffolding comprised two tonnes of material Kamber already had in stock and 16 tonnes of RINGSCAFF material from the rental park of RUX Rental GmbH based in Hagen. Thanks to RINGSCAFF’s mixing approval, it can be used together with compatible material from other suppliers. The standing time scheduled for the scaffolding structure is 6 months. After that, the precision professionals from Kamber Gerüste will then be faced with the challenge of disassembling the whole thing in a minimum of space in Zurich’s inner city district.