Multi-storey car park renovation in Gießen – with SCAFFGUARD

For a long time concrete was considered the absolute universal building material. It was “indestructible” and had extreme durability. Attributes that have meanwhile turned out to be literally “crumbly” in many places. Multi-storey car parks, for example, have often suffered damage from the impact of chloride resulting from many years of de-icing salt being dragged in along with continual wetness. Pitting corrosion within the reinforced steel members as well as damaged asphalt surfaces ultimately make refurbishment necessary. And this was just the case with a large multi-storey car park in the centre of the town of Gießen, Hesse, which was renovated by the company Bauschutz GmbH & Co. KG. They were supported by the local experts from the scaffolding company Velten. In the business since 1994, Velten meanwhile has more than 20 employees and an outstanding reputation for façade and modular scaffolding as well as for emergency stairways and customised solutions. A reputation that has even resulted in orders from England and the South of France.

System-free SCAFFGUARD cladding material from the Hagen-based manufacturer scafom-rux was used to protect against noise and spray from the high-pressure water jet operations that were to be carried out. This material cannot only be fitted to the company’s own RINGSCAFF modular system, but also quite easily to scaffolding brands from other manufacturers. Velten Gerüstbau was very pleased that the scaffolding work could be completed within one week as planned thanks to the easy handling of the material and the professional deployment of five staff members. A 26-tonne truck with a loading crane was used for the material transport. The standing time estimated for the scaffolding is 3 months.